The cryptocurrency world is full of unique stuff, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, their aims, DeFi applications, exchanges, stacking, mining, Interest accounts and so much more. There are lots of things this industry has to offer.

I am investing in cryptocurrencies for a while and also making a decent profit from it. I have invested in most of the popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cordana, Tron, Dogecoin, and many more.

Some of them are popular and costly and others are just below $1. These inexpensive tokens are the best thing in the crypto world that excites me and many others. It is because that can deliver a return up to 700% per cent of stars in your favour.

Last month when I was searching for more opportunities to invest in, I got introduced to yet another promising crypto token that is valued below $1, holds good future scope and has a plan to deliver huge returns to the investors. The name of the token is XCA token and it belongs to the Xcavator.

Let me describe this token and its working process because it is the token I am currently most enthusiastic about.

XCA Token: Backed by real-world assets

As we mentioned above, the XCA token is the native token of Xcavator. It is a project backed by real-world assets i.e. mining farms that will generate real-world revenue through mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies. It is the first thing that amazed me about this project.

Xcavator (XCA) is one of the few tokens that have a built-in price appreciation mechanism. Now you must be thinking how? Let me explain.

The token has a limited supply of 51 million tokens. All money from the token sale will be used to set up a crypto mining farm and the earnings will be forged through mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

From the revenue, approximately 50% will be used to buy our own tokens from the market through various crypto exchanges and burn them with proof of burning. The remaining 50% of the mining revenue will be used for expanding crypto mining farms which will generate additional mining hashing power, which will further increase our profits in the future.

As 50% of the mining will be used to buy tokens through various crypto exchanges at prevailing market prices the market and tokens will be burned, the total supply of our tokens will continue to decrease and demand will continue to increase with hashing power per token.

Therefore, the price of the XCA token will continue to rise even if no value is pumped in by external factors or investors and this process will continue forever while additional mining capacity is added every month.

This process will inject real-world revenue from mining farms and continuously buy and burn tokens from the market so that the price of our tokens always increases and our tokens never die or be lost.

The deciding power to set the price will be given to the general public as XCA token holders will be able to sell their tokens at a price set by them at any point in time due to a shortage of our tokens. Token customers will benefit from a long-term appreciation of the token value due to the mandatory burning process.

How can you invest in XCA tokens?

I hope the above explanation will be enough to tell you why I am enthusiastic about this token and why I invested in it. However, if you also find XCA tokens fascinating then you can also make an investment in it easily.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Trade from the navigation area.
  3. Under the swap section available on the right side of the page, you will see two dropdown sections.
  4. The first one will have BNB selected. Here, select the currency you already have in your wallet.
  5. Just below it enter the amount you want to use to buy XCA tokens.
  6. Just below that, there is the second dropdown menu with CAKE selected. Click on it, type and search XCA, and press enter.
  7. Check the amount of XCA you will receive, and then click on the Connect wallet button.
  8. Complete the transaction process and you are done.

That’s how easily you can buy and hold XCA tokens. Investing in XCA tokens now will be highly profitable to you since the burning process will soon begin. And once it happens the value of XCA will increase quickly. So, if you are looking for an opportunity and XCA started to seem like a perfect opportunity then don’t miss the opportunity and Invest in XCA today.