The Orfeus Network ICO sale went live in August 2022 and has been receiving astounding interest from the community. The token sale is scheduled to be organized in four stages, of which three presale stages are already completed with huge success. According to the latest report on token sales, the project has already crossed the soft cap and is nearing the hard cap target very fast.

If you are planning to invest in Orfeus Network ICO and looking for an opinion from an existing investor, here’s my detailed review of the Orfeus Network ICO and the ORF token, including why it is a good ICO project to invest in.

Orfeus Network ICO Review

The Orfeus Network team is running an ICO sale for the purpose of raising funds for the development of its first-of-its-kind blockchain tourism network.

ORFEUS Network is a decentralized self-developing tourist ecosystem type B2C blockchain marketplace with its business model based on the principle of 0% commission. The project intends to solve two main problems in the tourism industry – eliminate commissions and settle preliminary guarantees for safe-from-infections tourist sites selected for visit.

1) ORFEUS will remove commissions from travel bookings and all other travel-related services. It will build and launch a series of platforms to provide travel services at zero commission to tourists all over the world. These include hotel bookings, flight tickets, self-organized trips, and much more.

2) ORFEUS Network is also building a decentralized community of travelers, travel agents and travel destinations with access to a globalized database of verified and secure (infection-free) travel sites. The community of travelers will verify each site personally for safety and will, in exchange, be rewarded with tokens that they can use to purchase various travel services on the platform.

The network will also provide financial freedom to travelers by enabling them to pay using a variety of options, including top cryptocurrencies like BTC, USDT, ETC, and the native ORF token for booking travel-related services from anywhere in the world.

As for the team, the Orfeus Network project is backed by a strong team of advisors, blockchain developers & crypto investors, each of whom has plenty of experience in their respective field.

The project roadmap seems to be quite realistic on time. They are already at the Public Sale stage and the development is in process, as per the latest update received from the team.

As the native cryptocurrency, the ORF Token is created to act as the fuel that will power all services provided on all platforms in the ORFEUS network. “When you buy ORFEUS, you unlock all the features of our platforms for safe & commission-free travel services.”

Tokenomics & ICO sale

  • Total supply: 1 000 000 000 ORF
  • Tokens for sale (ICO): 500 000 000 (50%) ORF
  • ICO Soft Cap: 1 000 Binance BNB
  • ICO Hard Cap: 50 000 BNB
  • ICO schedule: 1 August 2022 12:00 to 1 March 2023 12:00
  • Acceptable Payment: BNB
  • Minimal Transaction Amount: 0.1 BNB
  • Tokens Exchange Rate: 10 000 ORF = 1 BNB

How to participate in ORF Token ICO

ORFEUS Network ICO is now live and running in full swing. Visit to join.