The digital world has taken a broad shape after the launch of cryptocurrencies, which cannot be measured with a scale.  This cryptocurrency has basically paved the way for building Non -Fungible  Tokens (NFTs) which is also known as crypto art. It becomes a platform for artists and creators to utilize the benefits of the moment. 

As per the recent report, Digital artist Beeple recently sold an NFT collage of his work - Everyday: The First 5000 Days, for over $69 million. Now, this could be the first time that an auction house has offered a digital piece of art for sale. But, after the sales, the mainstream has started giving more attention to NFTs. 

Best NFT and Crypto Marketing Agencies

Here is a list of the 7 top NFT & crypto marketing agencies for 2022 and beyond and these companies are very capable of keeping your NFT and Crypto business ahead in this competitive world. Check the list below

1. OTT 

Over The Top (OTT) Marketing company is counted as a leading NFT and crypto marketing agency. That is providing digital marketing services for years in the blockchain space. The company has an exceptionally professional team who are highly expert and trained marketers. They have access to highly advanced tools and resources to promote your non-fungible token and crypto project to target audiences and optimize sales and revenues for you. Feel free to contact us for any type of NFT & Crypto Marketing needs.

2. NeoReach 

Neo Reach has defined a full-service marketing agency with expertise in decentralized projects, remote teams, and Web3 - based targets.  After proper evaluation of core blockchain audiences and technologies along, the company is ready to deliver complete marketing strategies from conception, via production, to execution. Also, the agency offers first-rate tools for NFT minting timeframes, launches, secondary market amplification techniques, and support. 

3. Omni Agency 

Omni agency is based in Toronto, Canada is a full stack marketing agency and a community management agency for blockchain projects. It claims to have an expert community who has 40 + years of experience in digital marketing  

In order to assist the clients named Crypto Players Club, build a strong presence on social media and manage an authentic community where they worked their tried - and tested five-step procedure. 

4. Viral Nation 

Viral Nation is known as a multinational digital marketing agency that is an expert in influencer marketing, content creation, blockchain, and W3. However, the social agency also offers influencer talent management, social analytics, social media strategies, campaigns, and distributions. This agency fulfils its client's ecosystem via comprehensive solutions that gather vision, talent, media, and technology. 

5. CryptoPR 


CryptoPR is a top NFT marketing agency that offers unrivalled promotions of NFT which is only possible because of its dedicated and experienced workforce. Influencer marketing, Public relations, branding ventures, and social media campaigns are some of the few services they provide. This agency outlines the motive to draw traffic to your NFT collections, and the reason is, that if you are new in the industry, you don’t get diverted during the procedure. And also, to enhance your diversity, the agency also explicitly targets your demographics. 

6. Blockchain App Factory 

Blockchain App Factory is known as one of the prominent agencies that provide more than marketing services. In the field of crypto and NFT ideas, the organisation gives clients streamlined development, production, and research. Blockchain App Factory has accomplished several domestic and international projects with successful records. The agency supplies the best ideas that impactfully reach your target audience to encourage your brand via cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns. 


INROU is one of the top growing NFT Marketing agencies. The best part of this agency is its highly personalised solutions. This INROU turns out to be a market leader by emphasising three prominent key elements which are: a zealous analytic approach, omnichannel operations, and outright strategy execution. The agency analyzes the market on a large basis and pays close attention to every detail to ensure your success. 


Now, it is our list of some popular NFT and crypto marketing agencies that are among the most recommended by their customers. So, basically, these agencies left no corner to leave the benchmark for their clients. From starting to make strategies from certain platforms to executing them smoothly and ultimately taking a lot of customers on board. 

In the beginning, these agencies go through extracting the details of the business and your idea, and after that, they start researching everything. And then they plan accordingly for every platform to attract customers. And lastly, they execute it. So, if you also want to get the best service from these agencies, you need to check out your level like you can check their prior works, their prices for certain packages, their working style, and so on.